Imperium In Imperio
Uphold, preserve and resurrect Heraldic traditions as a professional, private, Heraldic Authority.
Heraldry, calligraphy, achievements, chronicling, ancestry, nobility
Isaiah 32:8 "But he who is noble plans noble things, an on noble things he stands."
Imperium In Imperio
The Guild of Gentlemen revolves around Herlad. While the purpose of the Guild is to ennoble men, Herald grants the men with that nobility. We keep track of and categorize the ancestry, works and life of the Gentleman and put it in our books that he has been granted with the noble title of Gentleman. We conduct the ceremony for Guildsmen, crown the Young Fellows, award the Gentlemen and convene on behalf of the armorial achievements to be granted and to whom they shall be granted to.

Ironically, the idea of creating the Herald division did not start with merely the appreciation of heraldry or heraldic art, though of course it played a part in the story. Mr. Schulz T. created Herald out of frustration with other Heraldic Authorities! After witnessing several mishaps while attempting to have the Guild's Heraldic Achievement created, Mr. Schulz decided to start his own Heraldic Authority and operate it traditionally and efficiently. Herald now operates as a private Heraldic Authority within Guild of Gentlemen.
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