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Masculinity is natural. The Western world craves civilization and the native cultures that encompass it. The Guild of Gentlemen seeks an attainable goal, a natural, moral goal that is as old as time; to align men with their instinctual characteristics, to unite a scattered people, to forge brotherhood among them and achieve the righteous together.

What Is The Guild and What Is A Gentleman?
Guild of Gentlemen is the organization that restores European civilization and the cultures within it. We are not headed back into time, nor do we seek to blindly follow the modern world's future. Consumerism, atheism, a complete lack of morality, degeneracy in media and education, the corruption of our children with a clearly demonic agenda, the destruction of our women with feminism and the embrace of evil Marxist talking points like "toxic masculinity", "racism" and "transgenderism" rest the case for a future that we do not seek to take a part in.

Once you've joined the Guild, your primary objective is to obtain the title of Gentleman. We function on a division-based organizational system, where every aspect of a Gentleman is separated into divisions that are hyper-focused on leading you to achieve the goal of obtaining the title of Gentleman. Each division has a Provo and in order to achieve the title, you must complete every one of them! New Provo's will be available upon release. You can find a detailed description of each division by selecting their respective icon below.

An effective way of determining just what we are is by first considering what we are not. We are not a secret society, nor do we intend to be. We are not a larping club, we do not advocate for weakness or for always avoiding confrontation. We are not Freemasons; we are not a religious order or a political party. The idea of the overweight neckbeard that watches anime and plays video games is the opposite of the kind of man we help to build. We are not a democracy, we do not have chapters, we do not have local leaders or formal meetups without leadership present.

We do, however, advocate for meeting each other in person and have a vetting system to do so. Although we do not yet have a physical location, we are an in-person group as well. We're here for the benefit of the Western world, to study, catalogue, keep and hold the traditions of Europe and the European diaspora. We're here to restore Western civilization and culture by improving men on an individual level and the culture as a whole. The individual matters because he, you, will impact the world around you. Informed and eager to lead, you are the primary component of civilizations downfall or revitalization.

How We Stand Apart
The modern world and the propaganda that supports it will have you believe that you're a toxic, evil person who should hate your family and ancestors if they haven't subscribed to the most degenerate filth imaginable. So be it! The Guild of Gentlemen does not and will not subscribe to any sort of that nonsense. Furthermore, some groups and figures today portray themselves as pro-masculinity and "traditional" while they simultaneously limit the men they interact with, giving them boundaries of masculinity and sometimes even claiming that masculinity can be toxic. Nonsense! You might also encounter websites and articles and public personalities who explain to you that if you just dress like your grandfather, if you just read these poems, if you just smoke a pipe, slick back your hair and eat healthy, you'll be a "man" in no-time and success is right around the corner.

While not all of this is bad and some of it is quite good, it is still a lie that many would like to spoon feed you without risking the possibility of looking like the bad guy to the wicked world. There is no quick fix for the mess that we're in. There is no poem that you'll read that will amass you wealth and endless productivity. You are human and being human means that you are a sheep of Christ's flock, prone to foolishness and failures. We realize this and don't cower away from this fact. We won't make inflating your ego our primary goal or make unreasonable promises. That's why we create detailed tasks for each man to complete. You must learn along the way to complete these tasks. We call this collection of tasks and learning "Provo". This is what Western schooling should be like. No modern nonsense, no sick and twisted propaganda, no Freudian concepts to warp your mind into believing you are what you are not.

How we operate


Auxiliary was created as the powerhouse for Guild engagement, outreach and project management...
The warrior is a necessary role that some men must take on in dire times. Knight prepares men for this circumstance...
Artistry is a broad topic, and the Promethean division accepts that fact as a strength. The Promethean division is one of the largest divisions with its focus being the creation and preservation of European artistry...

Based upon the Greco-Roman era’s colleges, schools of thought and academic system, the Academician division was created to provide an exemplary, traditional experience with sharing knowledge...
The Patriarch division is exactly what the name implies. The family unit is the Patriarch’s primary focus. Upholding, protecting and improving the sacred traditional family unit is the goal...
A Guild Mountaineer is the forest ranger of the Guild's land. He is also the protector of the Guild, a key strategist in Guild projects and an expert in outdoorsmanship...
A Sentinel is the watchman and intelligence operative of the Guild. This division ensures that our Guildsmen's information is private and secure, both inside and outside of the Guild...
Herald is the Guild of Gentlemen’s Heraldic Authority. Heraldry, achievements and record keeping is a Herald's specialty...
Ladies of Lenity
Our division for ladies is not a carbon copy of the rest of the Guild. Specifically, and exclusively created for women, Ladies of Lenity differs....
Young Fellows
Young Fellows is our youth division for young men! The functionality of this division is similar to the experience of a young man in the Medieval...
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