Post Proelia Praemia
To grant men capability, with strength of body and heart.
Combat, health, chivalry, virtue
Psalm 144:1 "Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;"
Post Proelia Praemia
The Knight division is what one might expect of the Guild. Here, men are taught by experts on how to be strong, capable, brave and chivalrous. Our Guild Master Knight is a retired Army Ranger, expert in battle tactics and fighting methods like Systema, Harvard Graduate in Theological Studies and devout Orthodox Christian. You will learn to work out for capability and health, be ready for a hostile environment or situation, be brave like a Hero and learn battle morality, otherwise known as Chivalry, from men who have firsthand experience.

We don't shy away from military technology and encourage firearm training and use. We won't tell you that you are fine the way that you are. Passing the Knight Provo WILL change you and most likely your body, or you will not pass. Skinny and fat men, this is where your journey home begins. Weak men, this is your calling to strength and vitality. Boastful and cowardice men, you will join a team of brothers and BE one of them! The Knight division is the test of manhood and to be a Gentleman, you must conquer yourself first! Knight will help you get there.
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