Ignem Ferre Hominum
Preserve, restore and revive Western artistry in all forms.
Artistry, architecture, music
Exodus 35:35 "He has filled them with the skill needed to do the work of the engraver, the designer, and the embroiderer, to work with blue and purple and scarlet cloth and fine linen, and to weave. They can do the work of any craftsman or designer."
Igne Ferre Hominum
"The Promethean Division of the Guild of Gentlemen preserves, catalogues, and promotes historical art of Western Civilization and encourages the creation of new art in the spirit of traditional Western values.  We endeavor to inspire a love and appreciation for these mediums and the Intrinsic Hope and Objective Beauty that they represent in all those who possess the spirit of the Western Man." - Guild Master Promethean

Western art and architecture are always recognized by their immense beauty, impeccable details and exquisite style. So why then are they demonized in today's world? Just open a new tab and search for "Western Art is racist" to see a perfect example of this. How could an entire genre of seemingly harmless art, that includes depictions of Jesus Christ, the Theotokos, young families, nature and the natural world be "racist" and evil? It is because the art of Europe and its diaspora is a reflection of our values, priorities and way of life. Few will undeniably stand for Western artistry, especially when questioned by the modern "experts" in the various fields of art and architecture. Few will stand firm in the belief of the supremacy of the West's historical architecture, paintings, murals, stained glass, heraldry, clothing, music and poetry. The Guild of Gentlemen always will.

Not only will we protect and categorize the work, but we will also introduce more of it based on Europe's traditional art styles. Everything we do in the Guild and specifically in Promethean will be a benefit to the traditional artwork and architecture of the West.
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Today is the day where Western civilization and culture breathes again.
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