Stable Advertising

July 6, 2023

Moral, Lifelong Advertising

As a part of our new growth strategy, numerous advancements will begin to appear. The goal is the same, to spread Christian morality and European culture in the Western world (Europe and its diaspora). While we never partner with another group or business as part of our own rules of conduct, sharing moral business with others is something that we thoroughly support! Sharing businesses that nourish, support and offer traditional remedies without the common poisons of today benefits all of us. Because the Guild's reach stretches across the pond, the reach of your ad can do the same. So, without further ado…

Introducing “Stable Advertising” by Guild of Gentlemen! All ads are approved by us before they’ve even paid! All advertisements must represent an inherently moral business practice. Career and job opportunities, new or existing businesses, products, services, etc. can be advertised through Stable Advertising! There will be a few advertisement tiers, varying from exclusively social media to also being in the Guild's servers and website. The best part? The ads never expire!

When you choose Stable Advertising, all of your advertisements will remain forever with one single payment. One payment per advertisement, forever. This is the perfect way to share your homemade items, your fresh produce, your service, raise money for your crowdfunding or whatever you decide. This moral business venture is set apart from the rest for two reasons: One, only requiring a single payment per advertisement is akin to not charging interest. Two, hosting that advertisement permanently means that the Guild TRULY supports your business and business model. Not every ad will be accepted! Making it an exclusive service adds value to your investment. As the Guild grows, so will the popularity of your ad! Stable Advertising offers a unique alternative when advertising. Anything can be advertised, so long as it’s good.

When deciding on which package to choose, pick the one that works for you! For example, if you're simply fundraising for your church, Platinum tier might not be needed. However, that's up to you to decide. Each tier has been appropriately priced. Although it may or may not seem like a high sticker price to you now, rest assured that with proper research, you'll see that the prices for each tier are exponentially lower than other options.
All of the details and options can be found below.


Before purchasing an advertisement package, please email with all of the details of your requested advertisement including the images used and which ad package you're considering.

There are four advertisement tiers. Bronze is the first and it includes our social media exclusively. Silver is the second and with it your advertisement is placed on all of our social media accounts and within all three of the Guild's Discord Servers. The third is our Gold tier. It includes everything in Bronze and Silver, but it also lands your ad on our website for as long as our site exists, which we estimate to be as long as the internet lives on. The fourth is the Platinum tier and with that, we'll make a video and the ads for you! If you're in the U.S.A., we can even schedule a day and time to meet and film a video with you! Each tier above the previous includes everything that the previous tier has as well.


In the Bronze tier, your ad will reach every corner of the Guild's social media presence!


⚔ An Instagram post sharing Stable Ads will have one or more slides dedicated to your ad.

⚔ One or more story post(s) will be shared with a link (if provided) and it will be kept in the "Stable Advertisements" story highlight forever.


⚔ A Facebook post will have one or more slides dedicated to your ad.

⚔ One or more story post(s) will be shared with a link (if provided)!


⚔ A LinkedIn post will be shared exclusively for your ad and will include a link, video or whatever you provide. It will recommend your product, service, crowdfunding or whatever is on your ad to your target audience.


⚔ A Gab post will be made exclusively for your ad!


⚔ If provided, a YouTube video and/or YouTube short will be posted to the Guild's YouTube channel sharing your ad!


⚔ If provided, a BitChute video will be posted to the Guild's BitChute channel sharing your ad!

The Bronze Tier is available at only $299 and can be found: HERE


All of the above social media presence is included in the Silver tier. Additionally, an ad will be placed in all three of the Discord servers! As an example, you can see an ad here for Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York placed in the appropriate channel.

The Silver Tier is available at $399 and can be found: HERE


With the Gold tier, everything in Bronze and Silver is included. You'll also own a piece of virtual property by having a full blog post dedicated to your ad with all the relevant information and links that you could need. You could even use it as a landing page for whatever you're advertising if you don't already have a site set up. You can see what that might look like by reading what you're reading now! It's right here! I could be your ad! Anyways, moving on.

The Gold Tier is available at $499 and can be found: HERE


Finally, we have the Platinum tier. If you want to really stand out and achieve the goal of your ad, you can consider using the Platinum tier to do so. Everything in Bronze, Silver and Gold is included but we'll handle creating the ad for you if you choose it! We'll also create a video for you which will be posted to YouTube, Gab, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and BitChute! We can also meet with you in person and film the video with you! This video will grow over time with the presence of the Guild.

The Platinum Tier is available at $1,499 and can be found: HERE

Visit our shop and look at your options!

All of the ad tiers are investments. They're an investment of your money, they're an investment of your time and they take a fair amount of effort to make them work. That is precisely why Stable Advertising is being ran the way that it is, it's designed to work! As with all beautiful things, why not make something last if we can? That's my way of thinking and so it's the way of operating for the Guild of Gentlemen and for this advertising venture. This economy is set up to make us fail. It's made to hold the ceiling above us so that even when we succeed, we can never get too far without literally selling our souls. The Guild is entirely opposed to this sort of consumerism and evil financial system. That's why it's named "stable advertising", because it's stable and when you buy it, it stays, it grows, and it gives back. If we can be so brave to ask, why not make an ad system that lasts? What do we have to lose? You can answer that question on your own, but the Guild of Gentlemen and its advertising campaign is here to say.

God bless you and keep you forever. - Mr. Schulz T.

Stable Advertising is a project of the Auxiliary division.

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